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Frederick Tregillus Letters from the Cariboo Boys


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3/ Church Army Recreation Hut that could roll over sidewise, stop the engine and sail along on his back, loop the loop, do the windmill stunt or trun summer salts. That is the way they are going on all day here at the aviation school. Our one Birdman is always trying to be a litle more excentric in his performance than the other, and never an accident. Nobody round here ever heard of our. We are right in the wack of airraiders here. and I have been on Firepicket for two days now. But this is getting on forbidden ground. Saturday. If I get it, I will go up to London and plant my few personal Belongings in the Sailors Home, where I used to pick up 35 years ago. I am liable to move at anytime, and I want to fly as light as possible. If I should se the Lord Mayor, I will remember you to him. Well Fred I will have to close my letter as I cant think of any more foolisments to write about but will drop you a line, when I leave for France. Give all my old Friends my best regards. Hoping this will find you and your in the best of Health and Spirits I remain your truly John Petterson