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Frederick Tregillus Letters from the Cariboo Boys


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the height of their glory.. and Suppose a ship like that got a sudden order to proceed under sail to an other Port. There would be some trouble to pick up a crew that could handle her, she is still fitted with Single Topsails which were discarded over 40 years ago. Well Fred who do you suppose sleeps next bed to me in our tent? I give you a Doz guesses. It is Soothern the Surveyor that surveyed the Bear Lake Road. He has been over in France, got wounded and is now in the Railroad Battn. I cant understand why he has not got a commision. A young man like that, smart soldier and of good appearance should have no trouble. He says he has lost interest in soldering. I king of think he is a lille disapointed, becu promised good jobs by men not quite high enough up, and problably men where interest it wood not be to or a man of real worth promoted. If I have him signed up right, he qould ist pretty fast if he even got started. I whish you were here for a day of tow Fred. You would see some fancy flying. A couple of years ago I read in an article on aviation. that the main thing was to study the bird and their ways well they have. They can do everthing a bird can now and then some. I never seen a Bird that