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Frederick Tregillus Letters from the Cariboo Boys


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4/ B.S. will be rampant. Today I heard a man who belongs to my unitt & who knew I was there in hearing & knew the real truth. Tell the M.O he had been in F 20 months & was blown up 20 feet in the air by a shell. he goes home & will I belive get a pension. The real fact is, he went to France later than I ( I claim 15 mts) & Just got shell shy because he is not very keen on the war & has always drank all he could of cheap & bad booze & his nerves went back on him through fear. No shell burst especially close to him. he was just a quitter that is all. Yet he will pose as a hero & I dont doubt due soon because he will most likely be able to drink him self to death after boreing lots of people & makeing the name of old soldier worse than ever. i saw Scotty at Epsom he got there the day I was leaving. He was looking well but thin. Had a piece of shell in