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Frederick Tregillus Letters from the Cariboo Boys


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10 ever of us British Peoples London was very jumpy after the raid 13/6/17 for a day or two but it you dug into the peoples mind you usually found they were scared not for themselfs but for some other woman or the children or quite often as not it was for the cause its for repirlsals I dont belive it is good or well to go & do likewise our airmen do have reprisals & always did since July 1st/16 but it is against Fritz front line & his guns & stores just behind I dont belive we can win by killing women & I also belive Fritz would rather we killed 100 women (who do not fight) than 100 of his soldiers I think this cheap peace talk of a few cranks in England & a lot in Prussia a very dangerous thing & likely is not stopped to at least prolong the war