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Frederick Tregillus Letters from the Cariboo Boys


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4/ We are & have for some time been building light railway, from the rail (standard) head, close up to & along just behind the front line We have a lot of shells go over our heads at times & often on either side or just in front of us but very seldom have we been shelled directly, A few times Fritz has thrown a few at our camp but we have been very lucky indeed for a long time. Too safe by far for some of us as we do not feel we are soldering in the way we ment to. But we can not get out of this in to infantry though a number of us tried hard this spring. Too foolish I think that is, as a lot of men are unnerved with too long a service in the front line & would be glad to get with us. We are no by any means bomb proof as we are never far from the front line & are always more or less under shell fire. But it has not been like it used to be on the Somme or at Vimmey Ridge or Ypres Salient