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Frederick Tregillus Letters from the Cariboo Boys


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[Header] For God For King And For Country With the Canadian Expeditionary Force On Active Service

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Sept. 3rd 1918 G'sl. N.W. Thompson #2020414. c/o C.A.G.S Hastings Park Van. B.C.

Dear Fred:- Received your welcome letter OK. + [sic] was surely pleased to hear from you. Yes! I guess Roy is in the old country by now, although I havent [sic] heard from him, but I know that B.C. Draft 67. got there OK. + [sic] that was what he was in. He had quite a little stay in Nova Scotia owing to one of the boys getting Spinal Menagitis [sic]. Was surprised to hear that Kibbee got 6.00 to spend on the Bear Lake road. I didn't imagine the Government would spend so much money on a side road like that + [sic] so little on a main road like the Carribou Rd. [sic] I hope Moore does all right on the Waverley but I guess he will be putting all this XXX in getting ready. He sure seems to be a good rustler + [sic] a good man for the Country.