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Frederick Tregillus Letters from the Cariboo Boys


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3 clothes & they couldn't issue us clothes without our papers. Our pay was going on tho' and we tho't everything Jake but the worst was yet to come. We had been in uniform about two weeks & was just getting well acquainted with the boys, when the boom fell. Monday was a medical exam for an overseas draft & we were in on it, we both passed OK. All day Tuesday was put in, in the form of pay day & returning our Depot Camp paraphernelia & in getting our Overseas kit. Some day. By far the most strenuous we have had since joining up. It was a case of stand around & wait all day. Everything from paying down to giving out kits is on in Alphabetical order & the man with an name like Abbett or Adams is in luck while the poor stiff with a monaker like Thompson or Young is out of luck. As soon as one man is payed