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1914-215 Rex vs. Gin Yuen alias John Young – procuring, Vancouver


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POLLARD GRANT ESQ: Counsel for prosecution

HAMILTON REED ESQ: Counsel for Defence

SING WING called as a witness, being first sworn, testified as follows: through interpreter


1 Q Where do you live? A Pender street.

2 Q What number? A 612

3 Q How long have you lived at this number on Pender street? A About two years; more than a year. about two years.

4 A Before you lived at 612 where did you live? A In the back part of 426 Pender street East.

5 Q Who lived with you? A At the present I am living with Mr HokTou

6 Q I asked you when you were living at 426 Pender street who lived with you? A myself alone.

7 Q Now, do you know the accused? A Yes, I do.

8 Q How long have you known him? A Since I moved to Victoria into this town, about six years ago.

9 Q Where did Gin Yuen, that is the accused, live when you were living at 426 Pender street? A He lived with us.

10 Q Who else lived in the house? MR REED :He has already sworn he lived alone. A I and my family and the accused.

1 Q What did your family consist of? A My children and my wife.

2 Q Who are your children? A The one that just left the Court room a moment ago.

3 Q What is her name? A Her Chinese name is Gom, her English name is Annie.

BC Archives GR-0419 Box 194 File 1914/211 / BRITISH COLUMBIA. ATTORNEY GENERAL. / Attorney General documents.