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Reverend Robert James Roberts Diary 1893 (A/E/R54/R54 1893)


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Mild January 1st Sunday 8 after Epiphany 1893 Addressed Indians on [?m] men coming to Christ Matt 2nd. [?Davidson] interpreted. Sermon to whites from Luke 16=4 "I am resolved what to do" Present L.P.R.D. Wm and about 15 Indians. Geo [?Whenk] Jim [?Sensulten] got dinner chez nous. Robbie and "Doon" took P. to Ch. - going to Victoria - L.D. and Wm went in "jolly" to Tent Island to see Annie [?Whipton] and her baby etc. Wm. here tonight.

Rain all day but not heavy January Monday 9 1893

up at dawn and out to look after sheep. One more young lamb a ram - mine Wm went back to Thetis in the [strikethrough] "Mary" as he wd meet Bessy tomorrow at Cheimanus- So wet not much work could be done outside. Elizabeth came up to get a letter written. I dug some parsnips. and worked at a lot L and Deena came with me to look at the sheep