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Reverend Robert James Roberts Diary 1893 (A/E/R54/R54 1893)


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Robbie saved blocks I cleared and made brush heaps. Laura & L came up in R. to where we were working in here of Barn Perry not home from Thats until dark. He had a headache, ___? came with him and they brought back on the boat our sleigh from Titwell's.

Fair January Saturday 7 1898 Perry? hauled manure about noon Bill Curcon? a large party arrive and I married his daughter Julia to Nicholas Basso a boiler maker of Victoria (a 1/2 breed, 1/2 Italian 1/2 Indian) L. gave the whole party refreshments. Warnock? and his wife and 2 children arrived after they had gone, got their dinner and went a ? to see Julia and her husband - Deans came with me to T? and visit Annie Whifiton.? 4 Indian women were ? besides her mother. Busy tonight at ? and working later. Gave Terry?Perry? 2 chq $20.00 and $66.75 More here