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Reverend Robert James Roberts Journal 1890 (A/E/R54/R54.1 1890)


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2 (shorthand?) of this month (shorthand?) sooner of late (shorthand?) we'll have (SH?) (SH?) (SH?) (SH?) (SH?) (SH?) (SH?) (SH?) (SH?) here and there (SH?) (SH?) hand in hand (shorthand 6 of the same symbols?) out of (SH?) (SH?) (intents?) (?) (?) (SH?) it will not be (SH?) (SH?) throughout (") (SH?) more particularly (") (SH?) they have (") (SH?) number of (") (SH?) in my last letter (") (SH?) I have (?) (SH?) can be said (AW ?) (SH?) out and out (") (SH?) (SH?) (SH?) (stenography?) (") (SH?) (stenography?) (") (SH?) at all events (")

3 (SH?) in one way (Kitson?) (SH?) on the other hand (") (SH?) fortunate enough (") (SH?) (SH?) (SH?) no (?) (?) (SH?) Great Britain (SH?) (SH?) for (?) (SH?) any longer (SH?) once more (SH?) (?) (SH?) I am (afraid?) (SH?) again and again (SH?) take it (SH?) greet many people (SH?) (SH?) in the (?) of (SH?) there are no more (SH?) to have (? been) J H. Ford " shorthand " > 188 and above it 1595? (SH?) it (?) have been (") >190 (SH?) which have been (") (") (SH?) next month (") ('")