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Wong Kong Ying et al


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$19.84 December 9th order for Camp No. 1. Eng Ying in camp with you?

A. Yes.

Q. 439 How many men in that Camp?

A. Five men.

Q. 440 How many in the other Camp?

A. Originally there were eleven men, but two went away, leaving behind nine.

Q. 441 December 9th, when this order would be set, there would be nine?

A. Yes, nine men.

Q. 442 These are the two invoices. I would think the witness is right about that. Which camp is Lam Guey See in?

A. At my camp.

Q. 443 Lam Guey See is Camp No. 1, the small invoice is for King Faun Camp and the larger invoice for Camp No. 2. Who fetched the goods from Sechart?

A. Sometimes the man who order the goods, they went to get themselves After the Company bought the ship, the company ship usually bring them in.

Q. 444 When did you get the order that you sent about the 20th December?

A. When the steamer Maquinna arrive we received the goods.

Q. 445 What date was that?

A. It came about January 17th.

Q. 446 Do you know why it didn't come until the 17th? Did you find out where it had been?

A. I went to call for the goods before that date. I found the ship did not arrive. When I call again on the 17th I got the goods.

Juryman. Q.447 Did he get anything between December 15th and January 17th?

A. When party Camp No. 2 wished to send order for grocery, they send themselves. When the goods arrive they get it for themselves

Q. 448 The question was, did he get anything between December 15th and January 17th?

A. Yes, sir.

Q. 449 That invoice will show you that order was for both camps. Why wasn't it divided, that invoice on the 20th invoiced together? When did you get the shipment between December 15th and January