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Wong Kong Ying et al


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Q. 46 What do you mean?

A. It was just turned around. The white men were short of groceries and the Chinese had lots.

Q. 47 Your suggestion to that appears to be tolerably correct. The 17th or 18th of October?

A. Around that.

Q. 48 The white men were out of food?

A. Yes.

Q. 49 So far as you know during that time did the Chinese have plenty?

A. Yes, you bet.

Q. 50 When did they start going short of supplies... I was trying to get, when do you suggest the Chinese boys started going short?

A. The shipments were getting farther apart in the latter part of November, I guess. At least it seemed that way.

Q. 51 We'll come around to the 6th of November. You remember? All I want to do is to get the actual facts? On the 6th of November, Sam Noveland, Abrahamson, Petersen and Lowe - - Who were short of supplies then?

A. The white fellows