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Chung Chi


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5 Cumberland, S. C. August 12, 1903.

John Kesley, overman, No.6. Sworn:- By Mr. Potts: Do you recollect the 15th of July, the day of the explosion? A: Yes. Q: When Chung Chi, who died, was burnt? A: Yes. Q: Were you engaged as overman on that date? A: Yes sir. Q: Between what times? A: I consider that I am engaged at all times. I was there at the time the explosion occurred. Q: What time did the explosion occur? A: I got word of it between half past seven and eight o'clock. Q: What did you do? A: I immediately the mine and went down. Q: Is it part of your duty, as overman, to receive the reports of the condition of the mine? A: Yes. Q: