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Patullo Family Letters


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alone during the winter, for it would be dangerous, even with Emma there--so many niggers around. And I wouldn't inflict a winter in her father's home on her for a kingdom--even assuming she would go there, which is a grim jest. They're a peculiar tribe; they are very clannish in some ways, and stick together, and eat together and ride together; but no power on earth can make any two of them live together in the same house longer than two weeks. Besides, it wouldn't be safe for the house.

So old Celie will probably stick around here a while, and join me in France around the merry Spring-time. She'll be O.K. here. I know that seems strange to you, but she has been trained in self-reliance; and I leave her without a single worried thought.

Yid is coming in to see us in a few minutes. And Mabel Richards, Celie's sister, arrives tonight to spend some time here. She will put up at this hotel.

Say goodbye to Mary and Harry and the kiddies for me and Lucile. Give Tommy and Joyce a hug and kiss; I'll have some more stories for them when I get back.

Adios. Good luck, and take care of yourself.



BC Archives MS-1188 Box 1 File 4 PATTULLO, George Robson, 1845 - . Woodstock, Ontario Selected letters from his son George R. Pattullo Jr., 1917-1918.