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Frederick Tregillus Letters from the Cariboo Boys


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18th July 1916

Bramshott Camp Hants England

Friend Fred,

Received your glad and welcome letter all safe and also your Bunch of Cariboo observers. they put you in mind of good Old Barkerville. You will see I am promoted again to full Corp. I will have Sam Hughes job if I keep going on the same way. Well Fed I see in the English papers that Callanan Joe was killed let me know if you heard of it. 200 of the 54th went away 3 weeks some of them are killed and wounded already. you know Johnny Bowles the Blackwater operator well his young Brother went away with them he is reported wounded. you were saying that you heard that Char. Evans was killed that is not so he is still alive. they could not kill him. he is to hard a nut. that was very good to see the names of the ones you sent out to me to read. The Mine scandal your old friend C.W. Grain if he is found out he will catch Hell. let us know all about it when it comes off. by that Ward must have won his Case and got the Claim back again. Tell Bill Mc to look after the telegraph job it is a snap. Pete Houser and I know

BC Archives, MS-0426 Box 1 File 10 / TREGILLUS, Frederick James, 1862 - 1962. Barkerville, miner. / Correspondence from George Gilchrist, 1914 - 1917.