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Frederick Tregillus Letters from the Cariboo Boys


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the summer as it makes a horse hard to keep up country after being two whole years at one place down country. I advised W. &C that Goose Creek was a very uncertain place but told them of the high run I believed they could prospect in a short time. Fred Paquette I belive got hold of them & put them on a bum lay on his ground I belive. Harvey Creek will be good if they strike it. But, I saw Paquette last week we are close to his unit & his unit has been in the same place for a very long time. We moved a long way a short time ago. Fred Paquette was sick & looked it when I saw him. He had got nearly killed by smoke (wood burning) about a month before & had just had to go sick. Ed Armstrong is in Blighty (sickness) in Hospital. Was he ever sick in Cariboo?

BC Archives, MS-0426 Box 1 File 5 / TREGILLUS, Frederick James, 1862 - 1962. Barkerville, miner. / Correspondence from Ernest Seeley, 1915 - 1919.