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Reverend Robert James Roberts Diary 1901 (A/E/R54/R54 1901)


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January Friday 4 1901

Nixon left after breakfast Perry had made a very good tiller for [?] Julia out of a piece of hickory which he bought in Nanaimo. One of the Tate's sheep lambed in No 2 field but the lamb was dead when Robbie found it. About 4 pm there was an appearance of more snow coming.

I was up this morning long before day light & printed more photos on Velox paper. Finished reading "The Cruise of the Cachelot" by Frank Bullen, First Mate, its is about the voyage of a whaling ship all around the world, & it is extremely interesting and well written. One of the best sea stories I have ever read.

Snowing January Saturday 5 1901

Snowing again until seven 3 sheep had lambs, 2 rams & one ewe - all mine. Perry & R took snow off the building

Perry got up on the house & put oil on the wind vane to prevent it making a weird noise as it used to do on a [illegible] night. Tonight C. Wilson came over and I wrote a letter for him.

Wrote a long letter to Emma Barton. I am sending her a few photos & a small book " Everybody's Medical Guide"

Mail for Austrailia leaves Victoria on the 11th inst & I have a good many letters to write.